Co.Net Sicilia APS (Coworking and Networking Sicilia)

Co.Net Sicilia APS (Coworking and Networking Sicilia) is an association of social promotion established in Palermo in 2015. It aims to promote local development of rural areas, innovative forms of sustainable tourism and intercultural cooperation. Since its foundation Co.Net developed two main axes of activities. On the one hand the development of the territory of Sicily through its natural, agro-cultural and gastronomic heritage; on the other hand the European integration and cohesion through the promotion of youth educational projects. Co.Net Sicilia APS promotes social cohesion, social justice, solidarity among generations, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. It encourages creativity and innovation as paths to a sustainable economic prosperity for all. In Sicily Co.Net developed a continuous empowerment effort based on arising the awareness about the territorial potential and about the importance of local micro-entrepreneurship. Moreover it supported several projects of social and sustainable tourism development, particularly in rural areas. The focus of these activities are the promotion of agricultural products, the preservation of agricultural short distribution chains, the territorial marketing based on natural heritage and local cultural traditions. At the European level, Co.Net Sicilia APS focused its activity on educational projects based on non-formal and informal methodologies. Sicilia APS, in fact, aims to contribute to the European cooperation in education, in order to promote life-long learning and European mobility as concrete possibilities in Sicily. Co.Net Sicilia APS, thus, promoted and participated in several projects, as well as it established long lasting collaboration with European partners.