During the two previous intelectual outputs, a lot of material is collected, resulting in the voluminous Guidebook. The aim of IO3 is to make all this collected material available online to students, teachers and entrepreneurs in a conveniently arranged manner.

The first step was to research which E-learning platforms are currently in use and which one would be the best for this project. In the end, we choose Moodle because it is open source platform and easy for putting material on. And, most importantly, it is very user-friendly.

We decided to keep the structure of the 6 modules of the Guide book. So you will find the following 6 modules, divided into units, on the E-learning platform in 6 languages:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Sustainable Development
  • Module 3: Sustainable Tourism
  • Module 4: Authenticity, Tourism Images and Promotion
  • Module 5: Digital Tourism
  • Module 6: Soft Skills – Social and Communication Skills

For us, it was very important to put all the material of the guidebook on the E-learning platform. This Moodle is intended for students, teachers and entrepreneurs. We think all three should have access to all the material because :

  • Students want to learn more about a particular topic.
  • Students want to start as entrepreneurs.
  • Both teachers and entrepreneurs do not have always the basic knowledge about certain topics.
  • Both teachers and entrepreneurs need in-depth information to update themselves.

The base line of each unit is a lesson in PPT. You will find specific material for entrepreneurs in the annex for entrepreneurs. If you want to go deeper into certain topics you have the annex deep dive. If you want to know everything about this subject you should read the annex Extended lesson

The quiz at the end is a selftest  whether you have understood the content of the lesson.

We have always checked the successive steps and proposals with all partners and asked for their input. So the E-learning platform is supported by all the partners.