On the last days of March the consortium of project met again, physically, after a long time. In fact, due to covid-19 pandemic, the previous meetings have been held online. The second-last Transnational Project Meeting has been held in Mechelen (Belgium), hosted by the partner ViaVia Tourism Academy.

 The project aims to improve the quality of VET education on the field of tourism, providing an overview on rural and sustainable tourism and on its contemporary challenges. In order to reach these objectives the consortium is implementing:

  • A general analysis report offering complete information on European reccomendations on touristic policies, a SME touristic sector need analysis and an overview on VET providers in the touristic sector;
  • A training path comprising all the topics addressed by the project, such as digital tourism, authenticity, experiential tourism, etc. including also sections on the development of soft skills, which are helpful to deal with tourists but also in everyday life;
  • An e-learning platform;
  • A webinars cycle.

During the Transnational Project Meeting partners discussed about the finalisation of the learning pathway, which is going to be available – and downloadable through the project website – very soon; furthermore, the consortium presented the e-learning platform and further collected suggestions for its improvement. Last but not least, it has been decided a starting date for webinars: in fact, on the 26th of April 2022 the Webinar Zero will be held, offering an overview on the project and on the following appointments. Webinars are going to be an occasion to further disseminate the project among European VET who are not included into the consortium.

In general, all the Intellectual Outputs will be finalised very soon, completing a journey that has started in 2019.

On June 2022 partners will meet for the last time in Poland, hosted by WSBINOZ – WYZSZA SZKOLA BIZNESU I NAUK O ZDROWIU.

To keep track of the project progresses and to take advantage from its results, please check our Facebook page.